The Development Mine is a web based tool that will lift productivity, make development actually happen and support both managers and employees. It is based on three key principles:


Great people make a great difference

Development is about the day to day

The richest development happens within a job


The key to the success of the Development Mine is that it is developed specifically for your company and provides practical suggestions and ideas that can be incorporated into ongoing development plans. It's like having your own company development guidebook that everyone can access.

  • It is a tool that provides on-the-job suggestions on how to improve performance in areas that are relevant to your organisation
  • It is available on line to all your employees
  • It makes development easy and practical - because it really shouldn't be that hard!



the development mine diagram

Building a Development Mine

Development Mines are built specifically for an organisation. We take your existing competency framework and develop ideas and suggestions for practical on the job development. With easy on-line access, employees can look through the Development Mine for ideas that are relevant to them and then create for themselves a Development Directory. The directory then forms the basis of development plans and supports positive development discussions with their managers.

In addition, there are guidelines for both managers and employees on how to have a productive and positive development discussion, a simple competency specific survey to help people identify their areas of strength and the ability to tailor ideas to the uniqueness of any organisation.

Click here to download a pdf for more information about The Development Mine: